Blitzortung-Live is an Application for monitoring Lightning-Strikes at nearly realtime.

I you want to be informed about Lightning-Strikes around a selectable Area (Circle), select the Center of this Area by a long Tap on the Map. You will see a red Circle with a Radius on 30/60/90/120/150/180km depending on the selected Value in the Top Bar.
If a Lighning-Strike occur in that Circle, you will be informed with a Push Messages containing the Distance of that Strike.
To disable Alerting, choose "Clear Alerts" on the Top Bar.
You can choose the area in which you want to see live Lightning-Strikes from the Configuration Screen.

You have to enable Push Messages for Blitzortung-Live to use the Alerting Service.

The App Blitzortung-Live is an additional service to the main project For general questions about and for ordering the necessary hardware check the following links. Please consider the appropriate documentation, FAQs and instructions before contacting. Also, the discussion board is a good place for all questions and they will be quickly answered there. A lot of questions have already been answered there.
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